How to Use the Link2MD SystemCoordinator Encounters & AppointmentsAdd Patient Alerts to an Encounter as a Coordinator

Add Patient Alerts to an Encounter as a Coordinator

1. Navigate to a Patient's Dashboard

  1. Enter patient's dashboard from an encounter room and into the Notes section
  2. Alternatively, by entering a patient's profile by Search Users and entering their Patient Notes followed by the Patient Notes Tab
  1. Enter the Encounter room by ID or View/Details
  2. You may also enter the patient's dashboard from here (Jump to step 3 to continue from this step)

In an Encounter room, select Notes to enter in patient alerts (Jump to step 4 to continue from this step)

3. If Entering from a Patient Dashboard Navigate to Patient Notes

Patient Dashboard from search users

Selecting Notes will bring you to the Patient Notes tab by default

Patient Notes from search users

4. Enter in the Note Alert to be Displayed

  1. Add in text alert to be displayed
  2. Select Display as Alert if you would like this to be displayed in an encounter room.
    Coordinators can include as many as alerts as you would like, but be aware that this displays for all users to see in an encounter room
  3. Submit to apply changes

If you would like to remove an alert, simply uncheck Display as Alert or delete the note entirely

5. Alerts Display at the Top of an Encounter Room