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Patient Portal Access Troubleshooting

In the event an adjuster or a patient is requesting access to the portal

  • Look up patient by First and Last name
  • Search

Click on "Edit User"

Confirm user information

  1. Patient must have a proper username such as first name and last name with a period in-between (john.doe). If there are multiple users with this name start by adding 1 after the last name and so forth (john.doe1), (john.doe2) etc.
  2. A date of birth. If unknown please set it to 01/01/1981 for the user to update at a later time
  3. An active email listed, without an email the system cannot communicate with the user

Send a welcome email to the user or create a generic password

Option 1 - You can simply send a welcome email for the user to create their own password. (How to steps are already included in this step) and you are done

Option 2 - You can create a password to get them started. A simple "Welcome1" as a default password is acceptable or the current season followed by the year (Winter2022)

DO NOT include any other person in the email address or CC any other user when sending new password to a patient.

Compose a new email directly for this user.

Either way you choose, please send an email directly to the user or you may text/call them directly with updates


Wait for a response email if a patient has any further trouble

Send requester an update that you have sent the information to the user directly


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