How to Use the Link2MD SystemCoordinator DoseSpotNavigating to DoseSpot as a Coordinator

Navigating to DoseSpot as a Coordinator

1. Search for the patient

  1. My Admin Settings
  2. Search Users
  3. First 3 letters of their first Name (*If no results show up, complete the first name and press space bar after the first name and re-search. An extra space sometimes cancels out the search).
  4. First 3 letters of their Last Name
  5. Click on Search (See step 3 again if no results are shown)

2. Select the Patient

If no duplicates are found; select the patient. If you see duplicates confirm the date of birth or ask a coordinator if unsure.

3. Access the DoseSpot Control Panel

You can access the DoseSpot control panel from two areas

  1. Patient's Dashboard (Image 1)
  2. In an encounter room under 'Patient Actions' (image 2)

4. Create the DoseSpot record for the patient

  1. Complete demographics for this patient
  2. Select 'Create Dosespot Record'

All red asterisks must be complete before proceeding

5. Enter DoseSpot by clicking on 'Edit in DoseSpot'

If demographics are incorrect, you may update and click 'Update DoseSpot Record' below

6. Vetting process will prompt instructions

If this is your first time entering DoseSpot for a provider, you are required to confirm their identity for ability to prescribe controlled substances.
This step may require valid proof of an active credit card. If a provider cannot access DoseSpot ask them to contact management for assistance.


Below is a screen shot of the DoseSpot control panel


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