How to Use the Link2MD SystemCoordinator DoseSpotPrescribe Medication to a Patient Using Dosespot as a Coordinator

Prescribe Medication to a Patient Using Dosespot as a Coordinator

1. Log in to your Coordinator Dashboard

2. Go to Search Patients Page

  1. Click on the My Admin Settings
  2. Click on the Patients Search
Go to Search Patients Page

3. Search For a Patient

  1. Fill in the fields. You may use the first 3 letters of the first name and first 3 letters of their last name.
  2. Click on the Search button.
Search For a Patient

4. Click on the Patient's Profile

Confirm date of birth and that no duplicates are visible so that  the proper patient is chosen

Click on the Patients' Profile

5. Navigate to Prescribe Page

Click on DOSESPOT CONTROL PANEL button on the patient's dashboard

Go to Prescribe Page

6. Create/Update DoseSpot record by Completing Patient Demographics and Red Asterisks

  1. Details: If there are demographics that you do not have, contact a coordinator to create or update the dosespot record
  2. Allergies: Include any allergies the patient has
  3. Pharmacies: Confirm the pharmacy location preferred
  4. Self-Reported Medications: Any medications the patient is currently taking

TIPS! Only complete a medication if this is NOT a controlled substance and it was requested by a provider to create the prescription on their behalf.

Ultimately the provider is expected to 'Approve and Send' the medication in when the coordinator is finished

No wrong answer here, choose the best format for the patient's contact information

8. Enter DoseSpot Website


9. Terms of Agreement

10. Complete both Agreements before DoseSpot ePrescribing

11. Select the provider you are prescribing on behalf of for this patient

12. DoseSpot Dashboard

DoseSpot will open in a new tab on your browser

  1. Select 'Add Prescription' at the top right
  2. You may also check and 'default' the pharmacy if the patient has two local pharmacies
  3. Add/Edit any drug allergies you know of if you haven't already through the portal
Click on the 'Add New Prescription' button

13. Search For a Medication

  1. Type the medication name in the search box
  2. Click on the desired medication
Search For a Medication

14. Confirm Medication Selected

  1. If you need to change the medication name click on 'change'
  2. Click on the dosage text to change appropriate amount or strength
Confirm Medication Selected

15. Enter the Prescription Information

  1. Enter in Effective Date
  2. Fill in the fields, eg. Patient Directions, Dispense, Refills, etc.
  3. Click on the Save Prescription button.

The fields with red asterisks are required. Click on the + Show Pharmacy Notes button to enter notes for the pharmacy

Enter the Prescription Information

16. Alert the Provider to 'Approve and Send' the Prescription

The Following is Required to be completed by a Provider and directions for them if they need assistance.

Coordinator tasks are complete, alert a provider to send/approve the prescription

  1. Check the box next to the medication
  2. Enter your four digit PIN if asked
  3. Click on the Approve & Send button
  4. If you need to edit or remove this medication, click on 'Actions'
Approve and Send the Prescription

17. The Prescription is Fulfilled

Note: This photo may be dated at the making of this how to, but should be similar to what you see

The Prescription Has Been Fulfilled

18. Done!


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