How to Use the Link2MD SystemCoordinator Encounters & AppointmentsOverride the Client's Employer Location as a Coordinator

Override the Client's Employer Location as a Coordinator

1. Start or Open an Encounter

Search the Encounter

Enter the Encounter Room

2. Click on the Workers Comp Tab

  1. Select the Workers' Comp Tab
  2. Click on Location Contact
  3. Select the Location for the Patient
  4. You may Add a New Location if There is No Option for this Patient (Jump to Step 3)
  5. Continue

3. Add a New Location

Add Location Name

Jump back to Workers' Comp Tab and Select the Location Contact

Complete Location Contact Thoroughly and Submit

4. Go back to Confirm the new Employer location

  1. Jump Back to Location Contact Tab
  2. Confirm the Location
  3. Confirm the Contact (If Not Selected, Choose the Contacts Name)
  4. Confirm the Contact Details are Correct
  5. Continue

5. Confirm the Work Status Report is populated with the new location details


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