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How to Close an Encounter as a Back Office Coordinator

2. Filter out your focus

In this case Workers' Comp and Signed encounters

Click on 'Search Filters Disabled' to enable filters

  1. 'Encounter Status' should reflect what you want to see, in this case 'signed'
  2. Same for 'Encounter Type,' 'Workers' Comp'
  3. Search

3. Enter the encounter by clicking on the encounter ID number or + sign to view the information such as SOAP note beforehand

4. View the SOAP note created by the provider and recent coordinator notes in the encounter view

  1. Notes tab > View Coordinator/Provider Notes for patient _______
  2. Alternatively you may view them by going to Overview tab > Patient Dashboard > Patient Notes
  3. Read the most recent notes carefully to make sure that no steps are duplicated when sending forms out to facilities

5. Read the 'Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Treatment Plan' notes made by a provider

6. If an appointment is not scheduled, confirm it wasn't, and schedule a follow up appointment

  1. In this note you will find the follow up date
    Example: Patient will need a follow up or F/U made 2 weeks from today
  2. Confirm that there is no existent follow up created by viewing the patient's encounters

If a follow up was NOT created, continue to step 8 on how to schedule an appointment. Otherwise, you may jump to step 11

7. Scheduling an appointment

  1. Select the appropriate provider for this patient
  2. Select the date in which the appointment will happen
  3. Select the time slot similar to the patient's past appointment.
    Example: This patient had their appointment at 1:30 PM, Mirror this to 2 weeks from now at 1:30 PM

Appointment follow up is now created when you see it as dark green in color

(You may toggle to Month/Week/Day view by clicking an option in the top right hand corner)

8. Moving the appointment time slot

  1. Move the time from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM by holding down on the appointment and dragging it down to 2:30 PM (with your mouse 1 key)
  2. Confirm appointment move by clicking on OK
  3. Done

9. Canceling any created appointment

  1. Click the red trash bin icon
  2. Select reason for cancellation
  3. Ok - Color should change to black to reflect canceled

10. When an appointment is created by you, input or confirm that this date is set in the follow-up date section for it to display on forms such as RTW

  1. Notes
  2. Yes
  3. Manually Set
  4. Follow-up Date created

11. Create the DFR, PR2, RTW or an RFA

  • RFA = Request For Approval = Created on behalf of the provider for treatment requested and approved by the patient's insurance or adjuster
  • DFR = Doctors First Report = This can be created by clicking on 5021, scrolling all the way down and without inputting any information click on 'UPDATE AND PREVIEW'
  • PR2 = Progress Notes by a Provider = Click on PR-2 and scroll all the way down and without inputting any information click on 'UPDATE AND PREVIEW'

NOTE: If these buttons are missing you will need to set a California Specific Location found in Workers' Comp Tab ask a manager or coordinator for assistance

You can create the Treatment Plan yourself

  1. Notes
  2. Treatment Name (Example: Physical Therapy)
  3. Duration: (Example: 1x8)
  4. ICD Code
  5. Check box the blank box
  6. Then Make RFA from Selected

12. Send the documents out per client requests provided to you in a separate document

  1. Go to Patient Files tab
  2. Download and Send the RFA to the Facility or Adjuster for this patient by fax or email

Note: SOAP Notes are usually sent over along with the RFA. You want to include the Patient Name and the Claim number when faxing out. Example: John Doe, Claim # 27375JT82

  1. Download the RTW and you may send this out as well
  2. Create the DFR/5021 if this is an INITIAL APPOINTMENT
  3. Create the PR2 if this is a FOLLOW UP APPOINTMENT

13. Leave a note about what actions you took

  1. Write the note of action you took
  2. Select what kind of note this is
  3. Click on Finish

14. Close the encounter

  1. Click on Close Encounter tab
  2. Confirm all check marks are green, if not you may click on the link to complete them (If unsure of the information, ask another coordinator)
  3. Close Encounter

15. Done!


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