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Create and Manage K-Phrases for Use

1. Go to the K-Phrases Page From the Side Navigation Bar

Go to the K-Phrases Page From the Side Navigation Bar,

1.1. Or the Top Navigation Bar

Or the Top Navigation Bar

2. Add a K-Phrase

The K-Phrase Index section is where you will see all of the k-phrases that you can use for encounter notes.

Add a K-Phrase

2.1. Add Content

The Phrase and Contents fields are required.  

  • The Phrase name must start with a period (.)  
  • Phrase names can include spaces and special characters.  
  • Checking the Is global? box will allow the k-phrase to be available to all providers and coordinators in the system.  
  • If that box isn't checked, the k-phrase will be private and you will be the only provider to use it.  
  • To create an effective k-phrase, be sure to use free text placeholders for information that is bound to be different when the phrase is used for different encounters and/or patients.  
  • Free text placeholders are declared by entering three asterisks (***), as shown in the screen shot below.  
  • You can also add replacement placeholders that will automatically populate with data.  
  • Replacement placeholders are declared by using two at symbols (@@).  
  • The verbiage in between the two at symbols require a specific format.  See the screen shot below to see examples of replacement placeholders in use.
Add Content

3. Manage K-Phrases

To edit the k-phrase, click on the EDIT button and repeat step 2. To remove a phrase, click on the DELETE button. Phrases with (global) next to the name means that the phrase is available to all providers in the system.

IMPORTANT! Deleting a global k-phrase will remove it from all providers' K-Phrase Indexes.

Manage K-Phrases


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