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How to Review a Workers' Comp Encounter as a Provider

Log Into the Link2MD portal as a Provider and open the Encounter.

1. Review the Encounter Details

  1. Review subjective health history of the patient taken by the Medical Coordinator.  
    Click on the MANAGE HEALTH button
  2. Triage Numbers are filled in when a triage nurse has referred this patient to us
  3. The Encounter Type can be reset by clicking on the down arrow
  4. Select the Visit Type and click on UPDATE TYPE
  5. There should always be a claim set, however, claim numbers are not usually available immediately for new injuries.
    (Contact a coordinator if your encounter is missing a claim number)

2. Review the Injury Details

Provider or a Medical Coordinator completes the Injury Details during the patient intake process.

  1. Input the injury source, type, and body part followed by ADD INJURY
  2. Input the date and time of the incident and location followed by the description from the patient

3. Review the Patient History

The tabs will show the various sections of the Patient's Health History completed by the patient.  
Click on MANAGE HEALTH to view the full details. This will bring up a new tab in your browser.

4. Review the Coordinator Notes or Create a Note

  1. Coordinator notes are completed by the coordinator and provide the key action steps to date as documentation.
    Providers can also create a note as well
  2. The provider can also leave a task for the Medical Coordinator for follow up in two weeks.

5. Enter the Zoom Encounter Video with the Patient

When you are invited to the Zoom video Encounter, dismiss the medical coordinator


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