Create a PR4 in California as a Provider

1. Start or Open an Encounter

2. Complete Questions for the Patient

  1. Notes Tab
  2. Create the Treatment Plan
  3. Answer Yes or No to the Follow up Questions

If No, Select the Disposition and that Patient has reached MMI

3. Check Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) under Work Status

1. Click on Work Status tab

2. Mark Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)

4. Start PR-4 Form

1. Workers' Comp Form Data

2. Click on 'PR-4'

Injury details must reflect that patient employer is from California

5. Complete Injury Details and Diagnostic Test Results on PR-4

6. Complete Impairment Ratings

7. Complete Disability Assessment

8. Complete Functional Assessment

9. Complete Activities Allowed

10. Provide Additional Details if Necessary

Make sure to UPDATE AND PREVIEW before leaving the page

11. Preview New PR-4 Report

When finished, press the SAVE button

12. PR-4 Report is Saved in the Patient Files

1. Click on Patient Files tab

2.Click and View the PR2 Form Document


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