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Start an Appointment Encounter as a Provider

1. First option is to open the appointment from the side navigation bar as 1 of 4 ways a provider can open an encounter

Use the side navigation bar

Open the Appointment from the Side Navigation Bar,

1.1. Second is by using the 'Dashboard'

Use the APPROVE or DENY buttons to approve or deny the appointment. It is important that you verbally update a coordinator of these changes if one is used as a mediator for your appointments (You may ignore updating a coordinator if you do no have a designated team).

  • If you Approve an appointment, the approve and deny buttons will disappear. If you want to deny an appointment after it has been approved, you will need to cancel the appointment from the Create Appointment page
  • If you Deny the appointment, the appointment will disappear from the list
Or the Dashboard,

1.2. Third is through the 'Visits Page'

Go to My Practice at the top right of your dashboard and then select Visits

Click on the + sign to expand details and - to collapse

Or the Visits Page,

1.3. Forth option is through the 'Search Encounters' page

Or the Recent Encounters Page

2. Start the Appointment

From here on forward, this appointment can be treated like an encounter


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