How to Use the Link2MD SystemProviderMy AccountUpdate My Profile Information Using My Link2MD Provider Portal

Update My Profile Information Using My Link2MD Provider Portal

1. Open Profile Page From the Side Navigation Bar

Open Profile Page From the Side Navigation Bar,

1.1. Or From the Top Navigation Bar

Or From the Top Navigation Bar,

1.2. Or From the Dashboard

Or From the Dashboard

2. Update Personal Information

  1. Use the Is EIN? to identify the tax number you entered in the SSN/EIN field
  2. Red asterisks indicate required fields
  3. You must enter a valid email address
  4. If the Sex field is set Unknown, that means that when your account is created the sex was not specified, so you will need to specify your Sex. It is not required, but we highly recommend it
Update Personal Information

2.1. Update Contact Information

We highly recommend entering a mobile number to be able to receive SMS notifications. Please also inform a medical coordinator that you would like to receive SMS texts over emails

Update Contact Information

2.2. Update Encounter Types

This is where you will select what encounter types you will be selected for. This option can also be updated by Medical Coordinators

2.3. Select the Languages You Speak

You may select multiple languages

Select the Languages You Speak

2.4. Select Your Timezone

Changing the timezone will refresh the page and any unsaved changes will be removed.
The SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page in each profile tab can be used to save changes made to other tabs.

Select Your Timezone

3. Upload Profile Images

If you you would like to view Additional Profile Pictures and your Signature, hover over the image uploaded and click on the eye icon.
To remove the image uploaded in the Additional Profile Pictures section, click on the trash icon.

Upload Profile Images

3.1. Select an Image

Follow the steps native to your operating system when locating and selecting an image from your computer.

Select an Image

3.2. Position the Photo

You can click the ABORT button after you click the CROP & UPLOAD button to cancel the upload.
The cropping tool will be rectangle shaped for Additional Profile Pictures.

Position the Photo

4. Setup Your Notifications

Hover your mouse over the info box icons to view a short description of each Alert Method

Setup Your Notifications

5. Enter Your Licenses

You must save the changes made in order to delete licenses. The page will refresh when the SUBMIT button is clicked. You may only add one license at a time

Enter Your Licenses

6. Select Your Payers / MPNs

You can select multiple Payers and MPNs

Select Your Payers/MPNs

7. Enter Public Profile Details

Click on the VIEW PUBLIC PROFILE button to go directly to your profile page

Enter Public Profile Details

7.1. Enter Provider Data

The Show my rating on my profile page check box is where you can choose to show the star rating that patients give you.
To successfully enter add website to your profile page, you must enter the full url. When uploading a CV, make sure all other changes are saved.

Enter Provider Data

7.2. Manage Profile Videos

If you would like to add a video to your profile page, simply copy the full url of the video and paste it into the video link/url field.
The page will refresh when the video has been added.

Manage Profile Videos

7.3. Enter Provider Education

Enter Provider Education

7.4. Enter Provider Awards & Publications

Enter Provider Awards & Publications

7.5. Enter Provider Services

Enter Provider Services


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