How to Use the Link2MD SystemProviderEncounters & AppointmentsCreate or Edit a Work Status for a Patient

Create or Edit a Work Status for a Patient

Navigate to Work Status Tab

Fill in the Work Status

  1. View the any Work Status History
  2. Select if a job description was made available
  3. Select the Work Status (Each option will toggle different response needed)
  4. Follow Up date if and when applicable
  5. Regular Work On date
  6. Any comments
  7. Your role
  8. Options to save & preview, continue, or reset the information

Save & Preview to Save Work Status Note

When done, click on save work status note

This file will now be visible under patient files. You may also grant the Work Status report to the patient.

  1. Patient Files Tab
  2. Grant to Patient
  3. If you would like to Delete this file, simply click on Delete


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