How to Use the Link2MD SystemProviderMy PracticeSearch and View Encounter Information

Search and View Encounter Information

1. Go to Recent Encounters Page From the Side Navigation Bar

Go to Recent Encounters Page From the Side Navigation Bar,

1.1. Or the Top Navigation Bar

1.2. Or the Dashboard

Go directly to a recently closed encounter, click on the Encounter ID link

Or the Dashboard

2. Search for an Encounter

On this page, you will see all past, current, and future appointments and encounters

  • Click on 'Enable Search Filters'

It is best to search by encounter ID or patient name

  • Click on SEARCH when finished or click RESET to start all over

3. View Encounter Details

  1. Click on the + or - sign to expand or collapse the view of an encounter
  2. Clicking the VIEW/EDIT button will bring you to the encounter room where you can edit the encounter information
View Encounter Details


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