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Start and End the Video Call for an Encounter as a Provider

1. Start the Video Call

You will be redirected to a different page. This button will appear after the encounter is accepted.

Start the Video Call

1.1. Launch the Zoom Application

A new tab will open and automatically launch Zoom if you already have it installed on your device.

Launch the Zoom Application

Confirm that your Microphone and Video on Zoom do not have red slashes across them, this means that you are on mute or disabled webcam view

2. Send Invites to join the encounter via Email or SMS Text

You must start and be in the video call first before you can send any invitations to join

Select the user you would like to invite and by what media: Email or SMS text

  1. Select the user and the method of invite Email or SMS text (Choose one or the other)
  2. Use the Override box to manually enter a cell phone number or email address (This is used if a user does not have an email or mobile number listed)
  3. Check the Do Not Require Authentication box to allow the user to join the video call without requiring them to log in to their account (make note that this option only works for sending SMS text)
  4. After clicking the SEND EMAIL or SEND SMS buttons, a modal will pop up letting you know that the invites were sent
Send Invites to the Patient and Provider vis Email or SMS Text

3. End the Video Call

If you do not manually end the encounter video, the video will automatically close when the encounter is ended.
The video is then saved onto the portal (Any video that needs to be reviewed or is requested by a legal team can be asked of the Link2MD IT team)

End the Video Call


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