Set and Manage Claims for an Encounter

Workers Compensation data entered is related to a claim.
Any changes made to WC data will update the WC data for all encounters that are related to that specific claim.

1. Create a New Claim

Any claim created will be saved to the patient in the encounter. There is no limit on how many claims a patient can have

Create a New Claim

1.1. Confirm

After you click OK, the Edit Claim page will open in a pop up window. Please make sure that you allow pop ups in your browser


1.2. Enter New Claim Details

You can use letters, numbers, and symbols for the Claim Number
Setting the Claim Type will allow you to set the claim status
There is a claim type for each state
If the Claim Type is set to the default, you will not be able to set the claim status

Enter New Claim Details

2. Set the Claim Number for an Encounter

When a claim is set to an encounter the Claim Details section will show for that claim

Set the Claim Number for an Encounter

3. Edit a Claim

Select a claim from the menu to edit it. Refer to step 1.2.

Edit a Claim

4. Set the Claim Status

Once you select and update the claim status, the page will refresh and the Claim Status will be updated.
The UPDATE STATUS button will be illuminate when a new status is selected.

Set the Claim Status


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