Sign an Encounter as a Provider

1. Select Sign Encounter when a visit is complete

2. The list of red exclamation marks are required items in order to complete and sign an encounter

Clicking on each link will bring you directly to the area to complete each task

3. Example will bring you straight to the Notes tab to complete the Encounter Notes Form

Start with the Subjective tab and complete the rest of the SOAP notes for this encounter

Complete SOAP Note

4. Sign the Encounter

  1. As a provider you have the ability to complete all requirements
  2. Once all items are green check marked you may click on sign encounter. At this point you are finished with the encounter.
  3. A coordinator will then review the changes and update any forms required for billing
Close and Sign Encounter

5. Once signed it should bring you back to the dashboard and mark this encounter as 'signed'


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