How to Use the Link2MD SystemProviderEncounters & AppointmentsView a Patient's Health History Before or During an Encounter

View a Patient's Health History Before or During an Encounter

View Patient Details

1.1. Click on Manage Health

1.2. View Medical History

Click on the MANAGE HEALTH button to edit the patient's health data or select each tab to view

View Review of Systems

1.3. View General

Clicking on the > arrow shows more selection. When information is inputted the information is visible as check marks

1.4. View Activities of Daily Living

1.5. View Family History

1.6. View Social History

1.7. View Surgical History

1.8. View Allergies

  1. Patient may have no allergies to report, in this case No Allergies to Report is selected
  2. Otherwise, a coordinator or provider may input their allergies by clicking on Add Allergy and X to remove or delete

1.9. View Medication History

  1. Input No Medical History if no history is given
  2. Enter in Medical History by clicking on Add Illness or the red X to delete
  3. Enter in any past psychological doctors

1.10. Medication List or Past Psych Medications

  1. Add or click on No Medications to Report
  2. When selecting a medication, type in the first 3 letters of the drug and a list will populate
  3. You may add or remove multiple medications


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